Coolest Sesame Street Videos

A collection of videos of some of the coolest moments in Sesame Street featuring behind the scenes footage and some famous people you might recognise.

Cool Han Solo Desk

This Han Solo in carbonite desk is a must for a Star Wars fans! The bounty on the head of this desk is unknown, as it was a one-off custom job. As a guide, though, the Galactic Throne can be beamed into your life for $5,500.

Car Distractions - Men vs Women

Here's a bit of research about car distractions for men and women. Men reading the paper whilst driving car (9.3%) is slightly alarming! No suprise that road rage is much higher in men than women!

Video from the top of Burj Dubai

What's is like on top of the tallest building in the world...the Burj Dubai. Well, judging by this video it's pretty scary and not for those with vertigo!

Mona Lisa Coffee Art

Check out this cool piece of art showing the iconic image of Mona Lisa made with 3,604 cups of coffee. This interpretation is actually sidewalk art put together by a group of artist assistants in Sydney, Australia. Each cup was filled with different amounts of coffee and milk to create the proper pigment color that brings Mona Lisa to life.


Modern Warefare 2 Launch Video

Modern Warefare 2 is undoubtdly the most anticipated game of 2009 and if this cool video is anything to go by, gamers will not be dissapointed! Out next week on 10th November on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

ET - BA Style!

I aint getting on no UFO fool!

Modern Man’s Kama Sutra

Modern Man’s Kama Sutra

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